Shred - Conditioning Class, Corby

Shred & Condition is a One Stop Shop working on Power, Endurance, Intervals, Resistance and Fitness. The Class is designed around intense bursts of exercise, followed by short recovery periods.

Keeping the Heart rate high throughout Shred and Condition enables you to burn more fat, therefore efficiently maximising your total body workout within a lot less time, whilst building lean muscle and becoming super fit along the way.

There is also an after burn effect created from the class which is referred to as Excess Post Exercise oxygen Consumption (EPOC) where the bodies need for oxygen increases beyond what it can produce during a Shred and Condition session, this in turn creates an Oxygen deficit which causes the body to need more oxygen during recovery. This after burn is one of the reasons why intense exercise will help burn more calories and fat rather than regular aerobic workouts.

Other Benefits which have been shown through Studies of such methods of training are that you ll loose body fat rather than muscle with shorter intense workouts, a problem which has been highlighted with the effects of long bouts of aerobic training and dieting.   The production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is also increased dramatically, which is responsible not only for increased calorific burn but also slowing down the aging process.


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Price:                    a session

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