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Personal Training


Professional services at affordable prices!!

Women's Fitness


Price:  a session




Price:  a session


Box H.I.I.T

Get fit fast with our Mixed Male and Female Box HIIT class working a variety of fitness systems from Circuits to Boxing Drills to Kettlebells.

Sports Team training

Sports specific training sessions are planned with detail to reach your sports teams or individuals 

chosen fitness goals.

Wedding Packages

Tone that waistline and get that wedding ready body with Jason Strachan Personal Fitness

Small Heading

Military Bootcamp

Military Bootcamp is an effective and fun class with a qualified Military Workout trainer, where people can come and enjoy an outdoor workout

Tailored Nutrition Plan

Nutrition is the key when it comes to every individual or athletes training programme,

Bodies Back

12 Week Progressive Post Natal Fitness Class

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